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Black River Himalayans Button Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Greetings from Colorado. We are a small, cageless cattery, located in Thornton at the Foot of the Rockies. Our girls have free reign of our home and our male has his own apartment.

We are relatively new as breeders, but not as lovers of Himalayans. We are a PKD tested cattery and a member of the Atlantic Himalayan Club. Our kitties are CFA registered.

We hope you enjoy your visit. To learn more about us, visit ABOUT US. Our cats are pictured with pedigrees on CATS and our available kittens are pictured on KITTENS with a copy of our CONTRACT available. We have listed our favorite LINKS. Please feel free to email us with inquiries about our cats or kittens. Thank you for stopping by. Forward to ABOUT US.

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