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Black River Himalayans home button FreyaMy husband and I combined our families of 9 (nine) children and set up house keeping. We live in the northern suburbs of Denver at the foot of the Rockies. My first Himmie was a wedding gift from my husband. I fell in love with Bailey's sweet disposition. She was always so good around the baby (our granddaughter) and our youngest daughter (now 15). She would watch the baby sleep at night and if she fussed and I did not get up right away, she would come and jump on the bed and me until I woke up. And she still is a wonderful babysitter, when Tori, our (10 month old) is about to do something Bailey does not think is safe, she will yowl until I come running.

I started to breed because a daughter wanted a kitten, and then I discovered how delightful raising the kittens was. At first I only had maybe one litter a year. Then I acquired Lacie, Madison and Louisa (CC). With Louisa I became very aware of parentage, and the show bloodlines, so Lacie and Madison were petted out and I added Freya.


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